A world of adventure, in the large city of Dunstable Lord Dawntracker has recently past away mysteriously. His new replacement Lord Arroway is none to kind to the citizens he is supposed to protect.

Things over the past year have been getting worse in the city that used to be the Nations pride and joy. There has been attacks at night killing civilians and destroying buildings. Lord Arroway has made a campaign to stop this threat at all costs. This task has prove more harmful then anything as the attacks get worse. Can this threat be found and stopped? Lord Arroway is taxing the citizens an outrages fee so he can fund his attack on the Creatures. Many people have been executed for conspiracy of aiding these creatures in the attack on the Lord.

Many citizens are fed up with Lord Arroway. There has recently been a small guild has formed known as The Lost Hand to stop this evil menace know as Lord Arroway and these creatures of the night. Someone must come and fight to bring Lord Arroway down, figure out the mystery of Lord Dawntracker’s death, and bring these creatures to a stop.