Lord Dawntracker

Both of lord Dawntracker parents died after he reached maturity. Dawntracker idolized his parents. Dawntracker is the youngest child of a large family who looks at him as their protector and provider. The character’s family emigrated here by choice after Lord Dawntracker was born. The family is shunned by the community. Lord Dawntracker has a group of about ten people who hate him who want to capture and torture him before killing him. Luckily, though, the character also has the love of an entire nation and allies who are in league with a powerful monster.

Important Events

Lord Dawntracker has died recently a very unexplainable death and no one has figured out what happend to him.

Earlier in his adventuring career, Dawntracker was something of a villain. In time, however, he realized he was a hero at heart. His evil allies now consider him a traitor.

Lord Dawntracker

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